Cause Effective offers customized consulting that aims to transform your organization’s culture around fundraising and governance.

Our solutions are not “off the shelf”; we create a unique workplan for each client that uses our expertise, resources and tools to springboard change and achieve greatest return.

Guided by the needs of individual clients, we:

  • Uncover your hidden fundraising and friendraising assets
  • Gather together current and potential supporters to create a team of thinkers and doers you can count on
  • Act in a culturally sensitive manner, working within the values and context of your organization
  • Coach your board members and work closely with your staff, bringing a variety of tools to the table
  • Help prioritize activities so that time you spend on resource development is invested in the areas with the greatest payback
  • Focus on setting you up so that you will be able to fundraise and “friendraise” successfully in the future on your own

Our areas of practice include:


Board Development

Anniversary Campaigns