Special Events /Anniversaries

Special events require a critical outlay of nonprofit time and resources.  The potential return is great – and so are the consequences if the event fails to deliver.

Cause Effective has unique expertise in helping nonprofits rethink their event strategy and ensure that the work invested delivers a meaningful return.

Cause Effective views all campaign and event planning and implementation through the lens of overall organizational health.  Our ultimate aim is not just to help clients deliver a good event or a successful anniversary campaign; it is to better position an organization to carry out its mission well into the future.

Our special events consultations help nonprofits:  

  • Design individual events and event campaigns that benefit the organization in multiple ways – not just in direct dollars raised.
  • Transform repeat events into creative and strategic channels that help nonprofits achieve important organizational objectives.
  • Develop detailed and comprehensive core event planning tools – budgets, timelines, objectives, fundraising plans – that can be used and adapted in the future.
  • Raise more money from events in a clear, planned and forecastable way.

Our work on anniversary campaigns helps nonprofits understand how to use this special occasion to:

  • Raise money by mobilizing donors, as well as laying the basis for future fundraising.
  • Recruit new board members, volunteers, donors and other supporters to your cause.
  • Publicize your organization, raising its profile with diverse groups and individuals including many who would not ordinarily come into your daily orbit.
  • Advance program goals beyond an annual perspective.
  • Recognize past, present and future friends and supporters, and invite them to help realize your vision for the future.