Consultation Packages

Coach on Call

Cause Effective’s Coach on Call program is an annual retainer program that provides a select group of clients with flexible, customized assistance on an as-needed basis for an annual discounted fee.  You will retain Cause Effective’s experienced and empathetic consultants as your own personal “on call” thought partners and trusted sounding boards, including:

  • Preparation and feedback for board meetings, donor gatherings, event planning sessions (we’ll be your behind-the-scenes advisor).
  • Coaching for staff, board members and volunteers that’s customized to your greatest needs.
  • Tips on how to project special event income, encourage board member accountability –  and more.
  • Access to Cause Effective’s vast library of templates, samples and best practices.

Invest in building your fundraising capacity.   Click here to learn more about the 2018 Coach on Call program.


One-Time Brainstorming Session / Training

One-time meeting focused on a resource development, governance or special events challenge or opportunity identified by the organization.  Topics can include: engaging the board in fundraising; coaching to build confidence for a one-to-one major donor ask; assessing special events strategy; improving the results of your annual appeal; preparing for an anniversary campaign; or any other topic in resource development, governance or special events that will help your organization move forward successfully to meet its goals.


Board or Staff Retreat / Training

Full or half day retreat focused on boosting board and staff understanding of and skills necessary for successful governance and fundraising.  Topics can include a focus on the board’s role in diversifying funding, including identifying and cultivating new potential donors in order to successfully solicit major gifts.


In-Depth Consultancy

A customized in-depth consultancy focused on transforming organizational culture and boosting short- and long-term fundraising, governance and special events return. Cause Effective works directly with board, staff and volunteers to plan and implement new strategies to address deep-seated fundraising, governance or special events challenges and/or take advantage of special opportunities, such as anniversaries.  These consultancies often last 9-18 months.