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January 2019: Human vs. Machine: The Value of In-Person Training

"Why should I hire a consultant when everything I need to know can be found online?"

Nonprofit leaders, especially founders, are people with great initiative. They see a problem, gather information, and then go after it. So has an executive director's become easier as a result of all the online information on nonprofit management right at their fingertips?.

We live in an information-rich age. But information alone is not enough. The most common and complex challenges involve motivating and managing other people. To find those answers, it's information, yes, but also thought partnership, empathy and peer support that can lead a talented leader to find their own solutions to their organization's most entrenched issues.

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September 2018: Do I Ask For It Now?: Seeking Major Gifts in the Year End Campaign

Year End Giving. The season starts with #GivingTuesday, segues into an annual appeal, and ends with a flurry of increasingly pressing New Year's Eve emails.

We rely on donors who give year after year, habitually writing the same $50 or $250 or even $1,000 checks. They count on getting the ask, we count on getting the cash.

But how should we treat a donor who could be giving more - and sometimes much more? Our advice: handle them with special care.

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July 2018: Ask for Input: Gain a Team

Everyone knows that effective strategic planning involves gathering including outside voices. Determining the strategic direction of a nonprofit is best done through a wealth of input - from those who know the organization best, and from those who know the environment well.

But why wait for the strategic planning cycle to draw people in?

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May 2018: All Year Round: The Power of Seasonal Fundraising

Year End Appeal...Valentine's Day...Mother's Day...the litany of "special occasions" for fundraising goes on all year long.

It doesn't matter when (except for April 15th) - any time is a good time for fundraising if you've got motivated ambassadors and a hook that highlights mission.

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March 2018: The Ties That Inspire: Mission, Finance, and Fundraising

Nonprofits need unrestricted money.

Everyone knows that, especially our board members, right? So if they're presented with shaky financials month after month, isn't it logical to assume that their stepping up to raise money without strings needs to be part of the solution?

Maybe yes, maybe no. The relationship of mission (what we're here to do), finance (what funds we need to do it), and fundraising (how to bring in those resources) needs to be made explicit to inspire board members to extend themselves into fundraising.

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September 2017: Fall Arrives: What's Your Board's Agenda

The key elements of board organization - committee leaders, activities calendar, recruitment plan - can all benefit from a pre-Fall refresh.

Sharpened pencils, fresh notebooks, a bevy of color-coded folders - such are the early-September tools of back-to-school.

Boards, too, can use the post-summer, pre-Fall ramp-up to set themselves up for success for the year to come. The key elements of board organization - committee leaders, activities calendar, recruitment plan - can all benefit from a pre-Fall refresh.

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June 2017: A Window In: Using Program Events as Cultivation Opportunities

Fundraising Bandwidth - the eternal challenge.

While approaching donors a couple of times a year (annual appeal, gala, online campaign) is not that difficult, how can we find the time to cultivate donors so that our relationship rises above the pattern of ask...then ask again...and repeat?

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March 2017: Development Under Seige -- Both Crisis and Opportunity

When the ALCU raises $24 million in one weekend - it's the progressive movement's version of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

While of course we all have donation envy, there's a lot to learn about how, in this pivotal moment, our organizations can build the support they need to face these challenging times. What are some of the principles that led to that $24 million jackpot - and how can we apply them across the sector?

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