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Opportunities at Cause Effective


Cause Effective Executive Director

On the precipice of exciting expansion, Cause Effective seeks a new Executive Director to bring a growth-oriented approach to building on the strengths of the organization’s 40-year history and looking at new opportunities in the future. The Executive Director will benefit from a new strategic plan, a seasoned staff and network, and a compositionally diverse and committed Board of Directors as they apply their expertise in entrepreneurial leadership. Leveraging Cause Effective’s current work to reach new geographies, while continuing to build and support communities in the New York City area, will be the top priority for the Executive Director.

Ideal candidates for the Executive Director role will offer a broad set of leadership skills, with deep experience in fundraising and partnership-building and a demonstrated commitment to equity and justice. The expected areas of leadership and associated key requirements include:

  • Mission, Vision and Strategy
  • External Partnerships and Brand-Building
  • Program Management and Growth
  • People Leadership
  • Organizational Management
  • Board Partnership

We encourage the interest of candidates who hold a majority of these experiences and skills, even if not every requirement listed.This search is being managed by Axis Talent Partners, a boutique search firm that partners with social impact organizations.

For more information about how to apply click here.

Cause Effective seeks to achieve impact through a diverse and inclusive workplace that honors the unique talents and lived experiences of each individual. Our vision and values are reflected in all our decisions, including hiring practices. Accordingly, Cause Effective actively seeks people who bring a broad range of backgrounds and perspectives to join us in our work. Cause Effective is an Equal Opportunity Employer.