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Cause Effective's Statement Amid Recent SCOTUS Ruling

Photo of and quote from Thurgood Marshall "In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute."

Dear Friends and Partners of Cause Effective, 

Today, we reflect on the Supreme Court's rejection of Affirmative Action, a verdict with profound implications for higher education and our society as a whole. We recognize that this decision has profound implications for racial equity, especially in the context of bolstering Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) leaders. The ruling reaffirms the existence of systemic anti-blackness and racism and underscores the persistent racial divide in our country.

Justice Marshall's quote underscores the principles of equity, justice, and the universal respect for human dignity that Cause Effective champions. For nearly four decades, Cause Effective has been at the forefront of transforming nonprofits by supporting mission-driven leaders to effect positive change. Our commitment to these principles remains unwavering, especially in light of the societal challenges this ruling may intensify. We are motivated to double down on our efforts to support BIPOC leaders, focusing on their capacity to drive change within their communities and the broader society.

Our initiative, Preparing the Next Generation, aims to confront biases interwoven with race, class, money, and power head-on. This initiative is more pertinent than ever, given the conditions that make it difficult for professionals of color to survive and thrive in fundraising and beyond.

In response to the SCOTUS ruling, we pledge to deepen our commitment to breaking down these barriers, focusing our efforts on creating an environment that fosters growth and development for BIPOC leaders within the nonprofit sector. Our mission is to advance equity and justice, and we will strive to counter any setbacks this ruling may present with resilience and unwavering resolve.

Thank you for your continued partnership and belief in our mission.

With determination,

The Team at Cause Effective