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Strengthening Nonprofit Leaders and the World They Seek to Create

  • Board Members More Engaged in Governance


  • Board Members More Active in Fundraising


  • Added New Donors


  • More Money Raised


Cause Effective transforms nonprofits by partnering with mission-driven leaders to achieve social change. We work with leadership to develop, employ, and expand effective fundraising, governance and organizational strategies to advance equity and justice.

We envision a future in which nonprofits thrive with empowered leadership and abundant funding to achieve an equitable world.

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Sonya Shields Named Cause Effective’s Next Executive Director.
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News & Notes

Cause Effective has introduced the Thrivability model to enhance our program and consulting services that we provide to nonprofit professionals and boards. The Thrivability framework is a nonprofit management practice that operates through five pillars to help organizations center diversity, equity and inclusion, and organizational collaboration as they work to raise awareness, engagement, and funding to achieve their missions.

Sonya Shields stepped into the role of Executive Director and President of Cause Effective in July. In this interview, she reflects on her journey to this role and the future of the organization and the nonprofit sector.

National Hispanic Heritage Month underscores the importance of representation and recognition. It acknowledges the enduring contributions of Hispanic and Latino individuals across various domains, including the arts, sciences, politics, and community leadership. Beyond the colorful parades and joyful events, this month serves as a catalyst for social justice and philanthropy. By acknowledging the past, addressing disparities, and uplifting the voices of Hispanics and Latinos, this celebration fosters a more equitable society for all.