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Strengthening Nonprofit Leaders and the World They Seek to Create

  • Board Members More Engaged in Governance


  • Board Members More Active in Fundraising


  • Added New Donors


  • More Money Raised


Cause Effective transforms nonprofits by partnering with mission-driven leaders to achieve social change. We work with leadership to develop, employ, and expand effective fundraising, governance and organizational strategies to advance equity and justice.

We envision a future in which nonprofits thrive with empowered leadership and abundant funding to achieve an equitable world.

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Read more about the Cause Effective Fellows Program: Advancing Leaders of Color in Fundraising and Focus on Fundraising: Building Power for Executive Leaders of Color


Cause Effective has weathered many crises in partnership with nonprofits and is working with hundreds of groups to pivot their fundraising during this difficult time in our history. Read More

News & Notes

For the past several years, Cause Effective has highlighted Ida B. Wells in our workshop trainings because Wells was a forceful communications strategist and fundraiser. She saw communications as an essential tool to move social change. She understood the power in reporting the truth about the violence and discrimination that African Americans experienced at the hands of White supremacists.

I think deeply – and often – about my role in bringing about the world we want to live in. What I don’t think about as much is how to nurture the “we” in bringing about this vision. My sabbatical during the month of September was both a chance for me to re-charge – and an opportunity for the Cause Effective team to spread its wings. 

How often do we treat a Board of Directors as a collective entity – grouped by requirements, rules, expectations, and accountability?