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 Our Mission and Values

Cause Effective transforms nonprofits by partnering with mission-driven leaders to achieve social change. We work with leadership to develop, employ, and expand effective fundraising, governance and organizational strategies to advance equity and justice.

Cause Effective envisions a future in which nonprofits thrive with empowered leadership and abundant funding to achieve an equitable world.


The following values guide our work:

  • Self-Determination: We believe that communities, and the organizations that serve them, have the right and ability to define and direct their own destinies.
  • Integrity: We approach our work with honesty, respect for the individual, and high ethical standards.
  • Commitment: We work in service of the organization’s mission and people, while putting the best interests of the organization first.
  • Diversity: We intentionally and proactively seek diversity in the groups that we serve.
  • Flexibility: We meet our clients where they are, facilitating a group process that is individualized, customized, and of their own making.
  • Empowerment: We aim to build skills that last beyond our engagement and help our partners to achieve long-term impact.

See Our Beliefs and Core Principles.

"I have always considered support for Cause Effective as a highly leveraged investment in the success of the nonprofit community as a whole."

-- Paul S. McAuliffe, former board chair for Institute for Global Ethics and Cause Effective Donor