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Board Fundraising

From helping board members brush up on their fundraising skills, to creating an entirely new paradigm of board responsibility for raising private donor support, our board fundraising consultations help nonprofit boards:

  • Build board motivation for fundraising based on mission
  • Boost board leadership in fundraising, turning givers into askers
  • Promote board-to-board accountability for “bringing home the bacon”
  • Build board-member confidence as ambassadors
  • Get board members beyond dependence on special events-focused fundraising
  • Exceed past board fundraising records

Asking for money is a learned skill. Most people have not successfully fundraised before they step onto a board, yet it is an essential part of a board member's job. Cause Effective has decades of experience coaching reluctant board members into becoming successful fundraisers, proud of their ability to raise resources to further a cause that ignites their passion.

Contact us to explore how your board's fundraising productivity could improve.

“With the support of Cause Effective, we increased the profile of fundraising as a board priority and built an approach to fundraising that comes from a deep alignment with mission.”

– Chitra Aiyer, Executive Director, Sadie Nash