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No matter what your governance or fundraising challenges, Cause Effective is ready to help.

Cause Effective works individually with more than 100 nonprofits a year to help build their fundraising and governance capacity so they can more robustly realize their missions.

  • We listen carefully to the particular circumstances of each client to make sure that our advice will lead to successful results.
  • Our solutions are not “off the shelf” - we create a unique work plan for each client that uses our expertise, resources and tools to catalyze change and achieve tangible results that improve the odds for your organization’s sustainability.
  • We start where organizations are in the moment and make progress to help board members, staff, and volunteers develop fundraising competencies they didn't realize they could attain. 
  • We are interventionists and problem solvers; but we don’t just tell people what to do, we roll up our sleeves and work side by side with them.
  • We are realists, yet we help our clients reach for previously unobtainable growth. 

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the unique demands that nonprofits – and the people who work in them – face. Our goal is to help nonprofits achieve lasting, transformational change.

Our Consulting Values

Guided by the needs of individual clients, we:

  • Uncover your hidden fundraising and friendraising assets
  • Convene current and potential supporters to create a team of thinkers and doers to support your efforts
  • Coach your board members and work closely with your staff to bring a variety of tools to the table
  • Act in a culturally sensitive manner, working within the values and context of your organization
  • Help prioritize activities so that the time you spend on resource development and governance is invested as efficiently as possible in the areas with the greatest potential
  • Focus on creating an infrastructure that supports your ability to fundraise, “friendraise” and govern successfully in the future on your own

Our areas of practice include:

Please email or call us to get started: 212.643.7093.

“With Cause Effective’s help, our board is taking action to ensure that we have the funds to meet our community’s urgent needs, both now and in the future.”

-- Larry Lee, former Executive Director, Womankind