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For Development Professionals

Whether you’re a Director of Development looking for a strategic thought-partner, or an executive director looking to support a terrific development hire who needs more expertise, Cause Effective trains, nurtures, promotes and empowers development professionals to raise more money and stay on the cutting edge.


In this competitive fundraising environment, seasoned development staff are crucial to organizational success. But the market has rarely been tighter to recruit talented development professionals.  Finding an experienced candidate for the job can be daunting, especially at a salary that fits your budget. 

Cause Effective's training connects talent and drive with fundraising expertise to help you support and retain exceptional development staff.

See our customized training programs for Development Professionals.


Cause Effective’s flexible Coach on Call program offers thought partnership, coaching, and access to expertise in areas key to fundraising success: problem solving, managing up, inspiring the team and prioritizing where to invest limited time and resources.

Learn more about how the highly customizable Coach on Call program can provide the perfect pathway for your development director to tackle the full range of fundraising challenges and opportunities, even with the limited resources of a small staff.

Peer Support

Now in its stellar 10th year, The Breakfast Club is a monthly support group co-hosted with Candid/Foundation Center for directors of small development shops to share challenges and strategies for personal and organizational success.

Cause Effective also partners with funders to provide cohort-based “learning circles” to provide training, coaching and peer support to development professionals, particularly those in smaller shops. Read more about our longest-running funder collaboration for development director support with the New York Women's Foundation:

“Through group and individual coaching, Cause Effective provided useful, concrete, and comprehensive fundraising tools that I could implement right away. They connected me to a community of other development professionals so we didn't have to feel alone or work in silos, served as a sounding board for my ideas, and helped me build expertise as a fundraising professional that I was then able to share with my team and Board members. Last year, we had record high individual donations, and I attribute this in part to capacity building that Cause Effective has given me. Thank you!”

– Lily Chang, Director of Development & Community Partnerships, Girl Be Heard