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Anniversary Campaigns/Special Events

Cause Effective views all campaign and event planning through the lens of overall organizational health.  Our ultimate aim is not just to help clients deliver a good event or a successful anniversary campaign; it is to better position an organization to carry out its mission well into the future.

Our work on anniversary campaigns helps nonprofits understand how to use this special occasion to:

  • Raise more money while laying a solid foundation for future fundraising
  • Recruit new board members, donors volunteers, and other supporters to your cause
  • Publicize your organization, raising its profile with diverse groups and individuals including many who would not ordinarily come into your daily orbit
  • Advance program goals beyond an annual perspective
  • Engage past, present and future supporters of all kinds to assist in realizing your vision for the future

Special events require a critical outlay of nonprofit time and resources. Cause Effective has unique expertise in helping nonprofits think through special event campaign strategy to ensure the work invested delivers a meaningful return. Our special events consultations help nonprofits:  

  • Design individual events and event campaigns that benefit the organization in multiple ways – not just in direct dollars raised
  • Transform annual events into creative and strategic channels that fuel a year-round relationship-based fundraising program
  • Develop detailed and comprehensive core event planning tools – budgets, timelines, objectives, fundraising plans – that can be used and adapted in the future
  • Raise more money from events in a clear, planned and forecastable way

Contact us to talk through how your organization can make the most of your special events and anniversary opportunities.

“Through working with Cause Effective, we have gone from an event-to-event mentality to a year-round relationship-building mentality.”

– Shawn Cribari, Director of Development, Ossining Children’s Center