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Panel: Diversifying Fundraising: How Your Organization & the Field Can Build a Pipeline of Diverse Fundraising Leaders

When: Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 - 2pm to 3:30pm Eastern Time

Where: Online

The development profession is rife with incidences of implicit bias, microaggressions, and racism as experienced by professionals of color, who face constant tension in navigating donor, funder and board interactions to bring in necessary financial support for their organizations. This webinar will explore the role of decision-makers to identify, understand, and disrupt system-wide deficiencies that thwart the growth of people of color in leadership positions in the sector.

This panel will be a forthright cross-racial, cross-professional conversation on how the dynamics of power and race affect our ability to understand and navigate both philanthropy and fundraising. The session will cover areas all-too-familiar to any professional of color working adjacent to white-dominated philanthropy: the ubiquity of implicit bias, tokenism, microaggressions and pressures to assimilate; the need to work harder to prove oneself; how intersectionality complicates the role and makes the job harder; the nagging presence of imposter syndrome and a sense of isolation; and how DEI issues are (or aren’t) addressed in the nonprofit workplace. Drawing inspiration from Cause Effective’s groundbreaking report Money, Power and Race: The Lived Experience of Fundraisers of Color our discussion situates development within a continuum of equity principles.

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“Cause Effective workshops are always so refreshing and productive. I look forward to implementing the strategies and insights shared. Thanks for including us!”

– Michelle Velez, Development Manager, New Yorkers For Parks