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Getting Started

Cause Effective is committed to listening closely to understand the unique assets and challenges of the nonprofits that seek our help. We want to hear from you what you hope your organization can achieve; then, together, we'll develop a gameplan to get you there.

Cause Effective clients see our fee as an investment in sustainable growth. There are two main ways that clients pay for our work:

Some clients use funds from their operating budget to cover the cost of our services. Others raise the funds through their network of donors, including board members, to finance the cost. Some, after careful consideration, invest funds from their reserve toward the future payoff of increased revenue that results from their work with Cause Effective. 
Third-party funding

Many Cause Effective clients receive support for their work with Cause Effective from one of their funders who is committed to seeing them succeed.  Support can come from a foundation, federation or membership association, or an individual donor that cares about your organization and understands how investing in your organization’s work with Cause Effective can build your ability to be self-sustaining for years to come.

Start by checking with the organizations and funders that support you – they may have special funds set aside for capacity building.  Those who have supported Cause Effective's work with their grantees include:

Cause Effective's fees depend on the scope of your project. We are committed to helping organizations achieve the highest impact in a way that fits their budgets. To be stronger, more resilient and positioned to thrive well into the future, contact us to discuss your needs and how we can work together to achieve them.

"The Cause Effective team has always been there for Resilience Advocacy Project's executive and board leadership, helping us find clarity at pivotal transition moments that have helped us grow and thrive."

– Khadijah Silver, Executive Director, Resilience Advocacy Project