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How We Work With Funders

Cause Effective is delighted to partner with funders to help their grantees experience growth in both fundraising and governance capacity, while also enhancing both their program footprint and impact on the world.

Cause Effective’s team of consultants has conducted a wide variety of capacity-building activities, over the years, with thousands of organizations. As a result, Cause Effective’s consultants possess a deep understanding of how nonprofits strengthen their resource development and governance functions as well as how to overcome common barriers to growth. We work with clients based on the idea that they have the right answers; our job is to ask them the right questions in culturally relevant ways.

Cause Effective's curriculum design and consulting methodology incorporate adult learning principles, following an asset-based, goal-oriented, self-directed, peer-led approach in all our client interactions. A strong tenet of our work is creating peer-leaders, namely, getting board members to encourage, support and train other board members in fundraising strategies, or helping staff to explain and motivate other staff members to become the organization’s ambassadors.

Take a look at some of our recent programs with funders.

We welcome funder partnerships offering the opportunity to help more nonprofits navigate future challenges successfully. Please contact Cause Effective Executive Director Judy Levine to learn more about customizable training and coaching for your grantees.

“The services Cause Effective offers have not only nurtured and strengthened the resiliency and success of our grantees, but have increased our effectiveness and knowledge-base as corporate philanthropists. We are forever indebted to their smart and unparalleled expertise.”

– Steve Flax and Jonathan Vazcones, M & T Bank Community Reinvestment Group