Ninoska Ines Aristy

Ninoska Aristy (Nina), Director for Dyckman Cornerstone at Children’s Arts and Science Workshops

Ninoska Aristy (Nina) is currently the Director for Dyckman Cornerstone at Children’s Arts and Science Workshops, an organization with a focus on youth development and community empowerment. Prior to her current position, Nina furthered her nonprofit management abilities at Jobs Have Priority, Incorporated in Washington, DC as both a Content Administrator and Program Manager. As a graduate from the University of Richmond, Nina began her community-centered advocacy as a development and policy assistant with the Virginia's Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VA SA/DV Action Alliance), the State’s SA/DV coalition. Nina’s purpose is to provide accessible and quality resources and service to diverse communities through personal interactions, which is why she has expanded her work to international spaces, having worked in Argentina, Dominican Republic, and Spain. Nina’s experience in development and project management, as well as her motivation to connect through one-on-one interaction, has allowed Nina the privilege of working in a field where she feels purposeful. As she continues her professional growth, Nina hopes to further her educational background and experience.


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