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We know a lot about fundraising, “friendraising”, resource development, individual donor development and the many other ways nonprofits seek to achieve sustainability.


Check out recent blog posts on a variety of Fundraising topics here.

And, check out these articles and mini-case studies by Cause Effective staff:


  • Welcome to 2017.

    In the fundraising universe, that means annual appeal results are, for the most part, in.

    Through the grapevine, we're hearing about groups holding their own....perhaps with donors giving slightly less while they wait to see where the needs will be greatest...or donors giving more to threatened causes while holding back on areas considered less "essential."

    These are changing times. How can nonprofits follow up on their appeal to keep donors involved?

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  • You need to spend money to make money.

    Easy enough to say, but difficult to make the decision to invest in more development staff.

    Can a nonprofit striving to reach its development goals - especially stretch goals associated with a new strategic plan - get there without hiring additional personnel?

    And how can you know, beyond a hunch based on "gut"?

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Cause Effective live on Tony Martignetti's Nonprofit Radio Station: 

Cause Effective Associate Director Gregory Cohen answers questions on Volunteer Giving like, "When is it OK to ask volunteers to donate? How do you get started? What about objections?" Hear the answers here.